BBS in English

BBS in English

I love sex . but safe sex
 登録者:kin プロフィール:168.80.60 bottom
Im 60years old,single,
live in yokohama kanagawa pref.
168cm80kg .
I love sex very much ,Im bottom so I want
a top male .
I like a middle size penis.I wanna get a spanking.Im also m.

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Looking for an older lover
 登録者:AL プロフィール:172*100*32*p15

Young man looking for a lover.
From the Philippines but living in Chiba, Japan.
I'm interested in older men, 40s to 60s.

About me:
I like to go out and visit parks, museums, shrines, and temples. Likes dogs
Caring and affectionate.
Like to hug, kiss, and do erotic things.
Not fluent in Japanese but slowly learning.
Fluent in English.

Looking for a Japanese Sugar Daddy (パパ活)
 登録者:Kamamitachi プロフィール:167*65*22 bottom
I'm a 22 years old student from Spain. I love to travel!But I don't have a lot of money. I'm looking for an older sugar daddy (パパ活) from Japan who is willing to have me at their house for a couple days/weeks to get to know each other and have fun :) I'm a lovely bottom, and also a crossdresser.
If you're interested and want to penpal me, please write to my email. We can be good friends or have a relationship.

jpn sub seeking a foreign top to be used in Tokyo
 登録者:doctor プロフィール:170*80*48 bottom
an intellectual jpn sub seeking a foreign top to offer his tender and tight anus for your pleasure in the evening of weekdays in tokyo. please use once. if it satisfies you, call to use it regularly. English available.

looking for
 登録者:tomo プロフィール:170*84*51
I'm GWM and looking for muscle gay men with strong P. It might tough, if your P is too big and large. But I will try to love it. I'd like married business man in his 50s who has sense of cleanliness. I want to expect we can meet regulary, e.g monthly basis.
I will wait for mail from you.

Thank you.

BJ & diaper
 登録者:DiaperFrenchman プロフィール:181*81*40yo Kyoto
I would like to suck you while I'm wearing a diaper until you cum in my mouth.
I have a place in Kyoto.

Looking for cute and skinny BOTTOM in Osaka
 登録者:Yuki プロフィール:163*67*68 TOP
I am looking for 20~30y/o skinny CUTE BOTTOM who is living in Osaka and can meet at noontime on weekday at Umeda .
Please write me in freely.
Thank you in advance and best regards

white bottom osaka
 登録者:nicky プロフィール:176*68*39 bottom
hi. slender, white bottom in osaka looking for top for discreet sex on weekday lunchtimes, osaka/ kobe.pls send stats and pib.

Taiwanese or Korean businessmen
 登録者:Kaz プロフィール:169-71-58
Hope to find Taiwanese or Korean businessmen here in Tokyo. I love necktie, suits,white shirt and black socks. I know it’s hard to find ones under this circumstances preventing them from visiting Japan. Up to the same age from his thirties. I am working in the center of Tokyo. I can have more of free time weekends to arrange our meetings.
Thank you.
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